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How Cops can Stay 'Left of Bang' in a Critical Incident

“Left of bang” is a concept (and a book by Patrick Van Horne and Jason Riley) which can be described as a timeline. It’s the time before a critical incident can no longer be contained. As soon as the IED goes off, the shot is fired, or the crash takes place, you are at bang. “Right of bang” is where police officers do not want to be. Left of bang is about situational awareness and keeping things from getting to bang.

I have recommended Gavin de Becker’s book The Gift of Fear to cops and civilians for years and now must recommend Left of Bang as a companion book. The more training and experience people have in developing situational awareness, the better adept they are at staying left of bang. Here are some key ways cops can stay left of bang.

1. Treat people with respect
2. Use contact/cover and backup
3. Sharpen your situational awareness
4. Remember “Ask, Tell, Make”
5. Prepare to use force without hesitation or fear

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